Cell Phone Amber Alerts: “Unintelligent, Histrionic, Intrusive.” Really?

ImageFor much of last week the entire nation was captivated by the double homicide and kidnapping that set off a nation-wide manhunt for the monster who could commit such atrocious acts.  We watched. Mesmerized and unable to fathom the horror that surely was Hannah Anderson’s reality.  Brett Anderson, Hannah’s father, lived the worst nightmare any father could imagine.

Like many here in Washington, Oregon, and other surrounding states, I received a text message on my cell phone alerting me to the monster still at large.  Alerting me he still had Hannah.  I, like most, stayed alert for the blue Nissan Versa, a bread crumb of sorts that could lead to Hannah’s safe return.

Three days ago, before horseback riders located the monster and just after the blue Nissan Versa had been found, I read an article, published by MSN.com, entitled “Amber Alerts on Cell Phones: Effective or Annoying.”  Annoying?  Really?  As I read, I was disgusted by the unnamed Sacramento resident who complained the Amber Alert text message was “among the most unintelligent, histrionic, intrusive programs ever. I felt like the San Diego police reached into my pocket.”  I re-read it. “Unintelligent?” “Histrionic?” “Intrusive?” Seriously?

Certainly I must have missed a “not” or a perhaps I misread the sentence entirely.  I re-read it.  Wow.  Each time I did so his message became more and more plain. ” He could not have spoken in clearer terms if he just came out and said, “I don’t care about your daughter. I don’t care about the atrocities the monster committed.  I don’t care about the cruelties the monster may be committing. I don’t care about anybody except for myself. Where’s my coffee?”

For my sanity, I have to believe Selfish Sacramento (what I call him now) is an isolated anomaly. Surely no one else shares his egocentric view of the world.

I wonder what he would think if the monster took his daughter.

Or killed his wife.

Or murdered his son.

Actually, as I think about it, he probably doesn’t have a wife.

Or kids.

Otherwise he would know better.

He would care more.

He would love others.

He would understand.  At least a little.

This is what I tell myself anyway. Maybe he just doesn’t care?

I hope not.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive. Maybe I care too much?

I hope not.

Many of the news articles published “instructions” to turn off the Amber Alerts. This suggested, to me, perhaps others shared Selfish Sacramento’s annoyance.  Please.  For the sake of everything that is good in the world, leave the Amber Alerts on your phone. Do we honestly feel so violated by a single text message? Is our time so much more important than the purpose behind the offending Amber Alert?

I hope and pray that my daughter will never need an Amber Alert.  But if she does, please, please be willing to hear about it.

NOTE: Revised to reflect the changes recommended by my sweet and caring wife.  Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.  I love you.

One Response to “Cell Phone Amber Alerts: “Unintelligent, Histrionic, Intrusive.” Really?”

  1. Kari Harold Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better my self. Thank you so much for saying this!

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