Why I Love My Job

I normally don’t pat myself on the back. That is not my intention in writing this post. I hope the following is not perceived that way.

Earlier in my career, when I worked for big insurance companies, my “clients” were people accused of causing damage to another. I worked most closely with insurance representatives. My cases came to me because of relationships with insurance representatives. I authored status reports to insurance representatives. I marketed myself to insurance representatives. And I woke up the next day and did it all over again. My success or failure depended on my ability to improve the bottom line for insurance companies, whether by reducing the amount the insurance company had to pay the injured victim, or by reducing the amount the insurance company had to pay me. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t for me. I’m a people person, and I felt my strengths, especially my legal creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, were being under used, and went unappreciated.

As a personal injury attorney I help real people with their problems. Every day I come to work, I make a real difference in people’s lives.  I was cleaning out my desk this week and came across a letter I received a few months ago from “J”, a client I helped earlier this year.  J’s letter is below, with portions redacted due to a confidential settlement:

Client Letter

While such words are always nice to read, I can honestly say that far more important to me than the compliments J conveyed, was the opportunity to know her and her husband Bob. I came to love them both and attended Bob’s funeral when cancer finally got the most of him. At the service, J introduced me to her family as her “friend”; not her attorney. That meant so much to me. Soon after resolving J’s claim, she sent me three small candy airplanes–gifts for my kids. Wow.

My clients usually are completely involved in resolving their claims. I work with them. One-on-one.  Each day I get to help them with the thing in their life that is the most often one of the most important struggles with which each of them must deal.

That is a reason to wake up every morning.

That is job satisfaction.

Today, October 18, 2013, is my birthday. 33 years ago I came into this world kicking and screaming.  Toady, my wife and I are also wondering if it will be the day our daughter is born–no signs yet, but we’re close.  Next Tuesday at the latest.  This morning, for no other reason, one of my current clients called just to wish me Happy Birthday and to see if my daughter had been born. She wished me well on both accounts.

That is friendship.

That is why I love my job.

P.S. Just so I’m clear, I do not intend to insult my many friends who work at insurance companies or who work for insurance companies. Most of them are good people who love and enjoy their jobs–and for good reasons–it just wasn’t my thing.

2 Responses to “Why I Love My Job”

  1. Pat Shepherd Says:

    Nice. Hit the spot.

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